Photo by Berkley Burch Photography

Bryan Cherry speaks loudly through music, and speaks genuinely. A different breed of soul & rock ‘n’ roll is the best way to introduce Bryan Cherryโ€™s eclectic musical prowess. A vintage sound, a modern sound, a broad musical palette.ย Cherry describes it best, it’s “like ’70s soul music and classic singer-songwriter music had some remarkable sex, and a dusty old soul was born.”

Bryan Cherry is pleased to release his sixth studio album Until the Rainbows. Cherryโ€™s unique songwriting is rejuvenated in these nine works that bridge soul & rock ‘n roll. Until the Rainbows follows shorter EP Black Holes released in 2014 and offers a mature, honed in homage to his craft. Produced & recorded by longtime collaborator & guitarist Sean Williamson, tracks exchange influences widely & wisely, from Motown groove with hints of neo-soul all the way to sultry blues-rock driven dimensions.

In recent years, Cherry has grown to be a fixture on the Midwest poetry scene and published his first poetry book Funeral Journey with Quail Press. This creative outlet is paramount in Cherryโ€™s songwriting spill, and the album closes with a spoken word selection.

โ€œThis record is a representation of the beautiful relics that can come from living life with your heart wide open,โ€ Cherry says. โ€œSome of these tunes are about me, but most came from witnessing the joys and sorrows of other people. I came to be welcomed into Milwaukeeโ€™s poetry scene during the last few years, and the electric witnessing I encountered in that sphere lit a spark in me,โ€ Cherry says.